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By Jose Bennett

Martial arts is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of fighting techniques, methods of mental discipline, and physical exercise among many other skills. Although it has its origin in the ancient Asian cultures, today it is practiced all over the world by people from different cultures and backgrounds. People engage in this exercise not just for combat purposes, but also for spiritual growth, exercise, self-defense, sports, health, and law enforcement. When in need of Tiger Rock Martial Arts Sandy UT should be visited.

There are various myths and legends that surround martial art. There were some styles of martial arts that were passed down from one generation to another in great secrecy. Most of the styles came from countries that have been historically cut off from the western world. For this reason, not much is known about these activities.

This has resulted to different contradicting theories which try to explain the origin of these activities. Despite these theories, the origin of martial arts is believed to be from ancient Asian cultures. These cultures include China, India and Japan. According to artifacts from these countries, the art dates back to 4000 years. A number of people from these countries have been acknowledged for developing and playing an important role in the development of the art.

There are varying purposes that encourage different individuals to practise martial arts as stated before. Research has been conducted on some of the reasons why people engage in these practices and the findings proved that he reasons are legit. For example, it is known that posture, strength, balance, flexibility, and stamina of a person improve when they take classes in karate. Physical fitness is also improved a lot.

The benefits of exercise not only mean physical fitness but also weight management. Doctors usually prescribe among other weight problem management options exercise. As the body sweats when one is exercising, calories are burnt down thus help in reducing weight. Good health is also promoted as one sweats. Exercise also helps to improve the muscle tone of an individual a lot.

The art is not just about physical gain, it also comes with many mental gains. For instance, taking classes in karate, jiu jitsu, tae kwondo, or judo among others can help a lot with stress management and ability to concentrate on a specific task. It also improves the willpower of learners. The elderly and people with certain medical conditions are advised to take classes in order to stay healthy.

Classes in any of the styles of martial arts are conducted in schools, which are also referred to as dojos. Many schools have been opened up over the years following the increased need for physical fitness in the society. Each school usually has one or multiple tutors depending on the size. A single session lasts for between 30 minutes to 2 hours or more.

The needs of the learner will determine how the sessions are timed. Commonly, classes usually start with stretches and warm up exercises. The level a learner has advanced will determine the exercises that will be covered. For beginners, they usually cover the basics but with time they will advance.

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