Follow These Tips To Minimize Pain Of Laser Hair Removal Massachusetts Clinics Are Offering

By Dennis Miller

It's a fact that being lasered is capable of reducing those unnecessary facial and body hairs for as long as you live. Sadly, it's not that fun particularly for people with low tolerance for pain. If you're thinking about getting laser hair removal Massachusetts clinics are providing but having second thoughts due to the accompanying pain, keep on reading. Below you will learn about some really easy tips on keeping the pain involved to a minimum.

Limit exposure to the sun. About a couple of months prior to your treatment, stay away from the sun as much as possible. The goal is to reduce your skin's melanin content. Otherwise, those light beams will target your skin rather than your follicles. It goes without saying that you should start using an umbrella and wearing a wide brimmed hat. Also, remember to generously apply sunscreen boasting of an SPF of not less than 30.

Check that the clinic is using the right tool. Don't feel too shy to ask which tool is being used by the technician during your initial consultation. Most clinics nowadays employ tools that are capable of generating cool air, thus numbing body or facial areas that are being lasered. The treatment need not leave your heart racing if such kind of tool is around. To really keep pain at bay, always remind the technician to activate the cool air feature for several seconds before and right after activation.

Get an appointment at the right time. If you're a woman, it is a wonderful idea for you to avoid getting lasered a few days before you get your menstruation or while you already have your period. That's because hormonal imbalance taking place within you can make you more sensitive to pain.

Shave before heading out. Using a razor to remove unwanted body or facial hairs before getting lasered is a must. This necessity helps you attain superb results. If your tolerance for pain is quite low, it can work to your advantage as it's known to minimize pain during the treatment. However, consider shaving about a day before your appointment if you have sensitive skin in order to give any skin irritation enough time to go away on its own.

Avoid having a cup of coffee. On your treatment day, refrain from consuming coffee. That's because its caffeine content can stimulate your nervous system, which is something that can leave you a lot more sensitive to pain. Definitely, you should steer clear of any other beverage that has caffeine in it, too.

Carry with you an ice pack. Today's clinics normally provide numbing cream. Some individuals say, however, that such product isn't enough to completely fend off pain. If your tolerance for pain is really low, it's a good idea to reach for an ice pack prior to heading to the clinic. Placing it on the skin for a few seconds before and after light beam exposure can help a lot.

Pop an OTC painkiller in your mouth. Feel free to take your trusted painkiller about an hour before your appointment. However, refrain from taking more that the prescribed dosage to keep any complication at bay.

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