Eye Doctor, Next To God

By Scott Wood

Usually the poor vision is rectified by wearing glasses. Magnifying glasses or reading glasses are advised to those find difficulty in reading and identifying near objects due to cataract. Shortsightedness can be corrected using concave lenses where as long shortsightedness can be corrected with convex lenses. Power of lens depends on the intensity. Eye doctor Orange county where practitioner dig deep into the root of concern area.

The treatment is decided and carried out under the guidance of a group of doctors. For them each case is a special one. There they have the opportunity to train the ophthalmology students. The students also get enough chance to observe and study about various optic disorders.

optic drops, the major prescription is available in almost all pharmacies. The real confusion is regarding the glasses. There are different qualities of glasses. Some are cheap and breakable. The high quality glasses more expensive. Weightless, scratch resistant, unbreakable, multipurpose glasses are available now. Here there is a high chance of being betrayed.

A medical practitioner who is specialized in optics and optic related subjects are called an ophthalmologist. They diagnose the optics and discover the real problem. The new techniques and advanced equipment help them identify the point of defect and root cause of it. It is the optic specialist who decides the treatment to be done. Only a trained optic doctor is able to prescribe the right treatment. Any fault may lead to serious illness. A fall in treatment can even lose ones sight forever.

Vision is a Gods blessing. We have five senses. They are visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile. All these senses are very important and gives us opportunity to enjoy the life. Among these, ability to see is regarded as special. Try doing things with optic closed.

Swim glasses are worn while swimming for protecting from splash of water, dust particles in water and other chemicals that are dissolved water. The bleaching agents used in swimming pools can cause irritation, redness, swelling etc.

Failure of surgery may end in complete blindness, partial blindness, blurred vision, loss of colored vision and sometimes crossed optics. Hence the success of section is solely in the hands of specialist. Even after the section, intensive care should be given to the patient.

The font of junk food which lack nutrients, restrict children as well as grownups from getting enough vitamins and minerals that give good vision. It is very necessary to include leafy vegetables and other vegetables and fruits in our diet to nourish optic. Optics should be given enough rest. It is necessary to wink often. This prevents optic from drying. Enough sleep is also important.

As exercise keeps our body healthy, optic ball movements make optic healthy. Continuous and prolonged exposure to computers can affect our sight adversely. Those who work in computers must be cautious. Children are spending their leisure time playing games in gadgets. This can lead to loss of sight, blurred vision, headache, and even cancer. Mobiles and television are also there in the list of hazardous devices. Very bright lights, blinking lights and very dim lights can affect our sight. There are some infectious diseases that affect optic. For example, red optic or pink optic. Some infections are dangerous that it can even cause blindness.

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