Emotional Eating Coach Provides These Tips On Stopping Overeating For Comfort

By Matthew Parker

It's no secret that stress is something that can make us consume large quantities of foods. Not a lot of people, however, are aware that even negative emotions such as anger and depression can cause one to eat like a bear. A reliable emotional eating coach shares some simple tips on how to prevent consuming a lot just for you to find comfort.

Reduce daily stressors. These days, it's practically impossible for anybody to avoid every possible stressor out there. Actually, it is possible to have some of them dodged. For example, you may quit logging on the web if social media photos about new cars or dream vacations can easily leave you feeling stressed.

Perform deep breathing. Commonly, stress is the reason why most people stuff their faces with all sorts of unhealthy food in order to feel relief. Whenever you are stressed, take slow deep breaths. Close your eyes if you have to do deep breathing in the office to reduce visual input, allowing you to concentrate effectively on your breathing.

Engage in different stress eliminating activities. It's a good thing that there are lots of activities capable of reducing stress. Some of the best examples are listening to music, writing in a journal, collecting stamps, and having a massage or facial at the local day spa. The truth is any activity that you find relaxing can help eliminate stress.

Get on your feet. Scientists confirm that exercising fills the brain with happy hormones. Letting that happen is an effective remedy for negative feelings such as anger, depression and anxiety. You may also ask your family, friends or co workers to join you in a game of badminton, volleyball, bowling or golf.

Get enough sunshine everyday. There is a nutrient capable of lifting the mood, and that's vitamin D. One phenomenal source of the said vitamin is the sun. If your depression is turning you into an emotional eater, allow your skin to come into contact with sunlight. However, avoid going outside between 10 am and 4 pm to avoid skin cancer.

Throw away anything unhealthful in the kitchen. Sometimes the urge to overeat is just too strong to resist. Because of that fact, it's recommendable for you to minimize your access to anything that can wreak havoc to your health. For instance you may remove unhealthy treats in your refrigerator and replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Consume lots of water. Most people cannot tell thirst from hunger. If you are like them, what you need to do before you succumb to the urge to munch on something bad for you is have a tall glass of water. That craving you have may no longer be around after a few minutes. Maintain proper hydration of the body by drinking around 2 liters of water daily.

Sleep like a baby every night. Your negative feelings can get stronger if you are deprived of sleep. As a result, you may eat like a bear the following day. This is why you should devote 7 to 9 hours to having a good night's sleep. If you have insomnia, try some of the many different effective home remedies for it.

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