Chiropractic Techniques Applied By Beverly Hills Chiropractor

By Susan McCray

The main aim of a chiropractor is to help the body heal without any sort of medication thus avoids using consumable medicines which could in turn have negative effects in regards to the medicine given. The chiropractic association believes that the body should be able to naturally heal itself. This is by manipulating the spinal cord into releasing hormones with healing power. The article below discusses the techniques used by the Beverly Hills Chiropractor.

The most common one is the diversified technique. The ability to eliminate joint dysfunction and restore spinal alignment is what majorly sets it apart from the other techniques. Previous studies show that a lot of patients who have to require spinal manipulation have opted for this treatment. When doing fracture practice, chiropractic students go for this method.

The atlas orthogonal study is another one of the most common practices. It is not limited to the upper cervix only. In this practice, the main tool of operation is the percussion instrument. This instrument is used in making the adjustments that are required. The chiropractor usually takes an x-ray of the injured area and measures to what extent the adjustment should be made.

There is the activator method. As the name suggests, something is done to your spine in order to activate the realignment. It is a form of spinal manipulation and actually substitutes the manual spine manipulation. This method is very effective. The instrument used is known as an activator v chiropractic adjusting instrument.

The Graston technique is another one of the methods used. The main purpose is to diagnose and treat skeletal muscles. This technique requires the use of a collection of six instruments, all of which are made from stainless steel. This technique is used to treat people who engage in contact sports. For one to operate the equipment, they must be trained and have a license.

When you hear of the Korean specific chiropractic technique, you may assume it was borrowed from Korea. This is not the case as it was invented by a chiropractor known as Tedd Korean. Although it is still new, it has become very popular over time. The chiropractor can choose to use their hand or employ a device known as the ArthroStim.

The Gonstead technique was invented back in the year 1923 by Clarence Gonstead. The main aim of this technique is to improve on the standard diversified technique. It has caused the standard diversified technique to rely more on technology. Surprisingly, most chiropractors had not discovered this technique up to the 1960s.

Another technique which is not common is the Trigenics chiropractic technique. Despite it is not being popular it is employed in massages and also borrowed by the field of Osteopathic. Similar to the other methods, it can be done by hand or tool-assisted. It is important to learn the different techniques and what they are used for. This gives you a chance to choose which one will be most effective for you. Ensure your chiropractor is qualified and can prove it.

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