A Basic Guide To Help You Maintain Your Dreads San Francisco

By Douglas Collins

Dreadlocks are easy to maintain. You simply need to know the tricks to keep the tresses looking healthy, shiny and neat. To begin with, you may want to know that your hair care routines have to change slightly. Then again, you will want to attend to not only your tresses, but also your scalp. When searching for reliable professional care for dreads San Francisco could offer you a reliable number of top rated stylists.

A basic way to keep your dreadlocks looking good is by washing then on a regular basis. It pays to understand that nothing can be further from the truth that the notion that dreads are smelly, untidy and dirty. You want to maintain acceptable hygiene standards, irrespective of whether you want to achieve a casual or professional overall appearance.

The proper procedure for washing dreadlocks involves using residue free shampoo and dampening the hair before massaging it gently to let the product soak. You will also need to rinse the hair properly and use a microfiber towel to get rid of the extra moisture. You could also use a bonnet hair dryer to dry your hair completely after washing it.

Even dreads need conditioning. This will supply your tresses and scalp with the needed moisture to remain in a healthy state. The difference between conditioning straight hair and dreadlocks is that you will need to specifically use a leave-in conditioner. A quality product will boost blood circulation and also soften the tresses.

Some people claim that the hair gets too soft after conditioning and this prevents it from locking properly. In case this is a concern that you face, you may want to get only the scalp and the tips of the dreads conditioned. You want to be tactful for you to avoid any challenges when retouching your locks.

The need to keep up with the locking process must not be underestimated. The freshly grown tresses will be straight and you should therefore roll them using your palm or a brush. This will go a long with in ensuring that your locks mature without suffering from breakage or other forms of damage. You ought to book an appointment with your stylist at least twice each month.

Another tip is that you should ensure that all the products you use are formulated for natural hair. You also want to use special formulations for dreadlocks because such products will not have residue or harsh chemicals. A qualified and seasoned stylist can provide recommendations to help you shop for products that you could use at home.

Finally, it is good practice to wrap up your locks at night. You want to use a silk scarf and generally refrain from using fabrics that can suck in the moisture from your tresses. Doing so will again protect your dreadlocks from breakage and needless tangling. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, your stylist could provide more maintenance tips.

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