Tricks On How To Lose Weight In A Week

By Stephanie Gray

Losing weight is the problem of many. Most of the time, people find themselves having a hard time in doing so. As many of you does not know, the key to a successful how to lose weight in a week and into boosting your self esteem is by adjusting not only your expectations but your attitude as well.

Many would think that in order to get rid of a few pounds you really have to exercise at all times. Yes, exercise is one of the key, but it is not the main key but proper diet. A study shows that a person who does not exercise but implement proper diet loses more weight than a person who does exercises each day while eating whatever the person likes.

One, drink plenty of water. Admit it, you always find yourself keep wanting to have some smoothie, juice, an energy drink, or perhaps a beer. You see, these drinks contains about a hundred calories. Water on the other hand has no calories so you can pretty much drink it most of the time. It even keeps you full which is the reason why you do not eat that much.

The good thing with this kind of diet is you will not be deprive into eating your favorite food. You can still eat them for as long as you like just as long as you only take it during your eating period and not on your fasting period. You see, it is not that hard as you may still dig into your cravings.

Three, do cardio workouts every day for at least 30 minutes. You would know if you are burning calories when your heart rate goes up in that certain exercise. Pick out a cardio routine that you would be comfortable doing. Take note, you burn more calories when you do those short intense activities.

Most of the time your calorie count would be on the same level, the moment you start it of course. This is proven to be a good way in keeping muscle mass while getting lean. With everything said already, you can pretty much say that the reason why people are trying this new method is for them to lose fat.

Five, drink some water before taking your meal. This is proven effect by most individuals. When you drink water before eating you are only going to be eating lesser because you already filled up yourself with h2o. This also applies when you feel hungry. Sometimes when your brain is bored it signals you to eat when it fact you were just thirsty.

Even though you still be able to bite into your favorite meals, it would be best to lessen them if you really want to lose such weight for just a certain amount of time. Intake lots of vegetables and fruits while lessening fatty foods. Drinks tons of water too so you will feel full most of the day.

Seven, cut out carbs completely. When you truly would want to remove a few pounds in just a weeks time, cut out carbs completely. That means no pasta, rice, and bread for you. This works because when your body runs out of carbohydrates it looks for other ways on where to get carbohydrates for energy. Insulin would then use your excess fats for this.

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