The Magic Of The Mona Lisa Touch

By Eric Hughes

As women age, their gynecologic health also deteriorates. Usually, postmenopausal women and those who have had breast cancer treatments experience rough changes in the genitalia. These changes include dyspareunia and recurring infections due to vaginal atrophy that causes thinning of the vagina and diminishing estrogen levels. Mona Lisa Touch Santa Monica provides relief for women plagued by these painful symptoms.

Vaginal atrophy reduces the blood supply and weakens the elasticity of the skin. This can result in painful sexual intercourse as well as unpleasant infections. This brutally diminishes the self confidence and affects intimacy in sexual relationships. Dryness, itchiness, and persistent pain are common symptoms induced by vaginal atrophy.

Dyspareunia or painful intercourse occurs due to the loss of lubrication in the vagina. The shift in pH levels also weakens the environment of the genitals. Not only is hydration reduced, but healthy bacteria are also killed. This results in agonizing micro tears during insertion or penetration.

The lack of lubrication compelled by the dryness makes the vagina increasingly sensitive. Patients who experience itching, burning sensations can compare the feeling to that of an inflammation. This painful sensation is multiplied by those who also encounter painful urination or dysuria.

Statistics cite that almost thirty million postmenopausal women experience these symptoms along with deteriorating gynecologic health and that is limited to the United States alone. Older women go through their lives thinking there are no permanent treatments for this condition and just endure the discomfort as they age. Topical solutions are in fact available for temporary relief of the discomfort. Lifestyle changes are also prescribed, however, most of these solutions only offer short term improvements on the gynecologic health.

Meanwhile, a modern laser treatment known as Mona Lisa Touch grants patients with long term solutions that completely gets rid of the symptoms. The treatment is noninvasive and can renew genital function to optimal levels. Additionally, a single session of the uncomplicated treatment is over in as quick as ten minutes.

After the first session, results are immediately felt. The complete three sessions are done within twelve weeks. Afterward, cells and tissues in the vagina are regenerated. Collagen is also produced to solve problems like the thinning, sensitivity, and dryness of the vagina.

For a long time, plastic surgeons have practiced using a similar laser treatment to bring back the youthful glow of the face. Today, the same laser treatment can be used to address vaginal atrophy. This drug free procedure offers little to no side effects and is safe for patients who have survived breast cancer. Those who get the full treatment will be relieved of symptoms like inflammations, UTIs, itching, irritation, and dyspareunia.

Moreover, patients are only required to go back once a year for check ups. With a treatment like this available today, women should have no reason to neglect their genital health. Taking care of the nether regions will not only lift confidence but also improve intimacy in sexual relations with partners. This procedure is accessible for anyone who wishes to address primary intimate concerns.

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