The Finer Points Of Wigs For Cancer Patients

By Diane Johnson

The thing about people is that they grow. Babies are expected to grow into adults, and that usually means that their skeletons and the bodies around them will grow larger with time. This will require the cells their bodies are composed of to grow as well. Now, the cells will keep growing throughout the entire lifetime, but sometimes it can go wrong, which can lead to tumors, which can lead to people needing wigs for cancer patients Delaware.

Cancer is a disease characterized by the abnormal growth of cells. Almost ten million die from it every years, translating to hundreds of thousands of death every single day. Some forms of it are fairly benign, but the majority of the variants will be fatal is not treated, and can be fatal even if treated.

Unless treated early with a tumor being removed via surgical means, the treatment is generally chemotherapy. This is when a chemical cocktail that is essentially poison is introduced into the body in a controlled way under the supervision of medical professionals. But the thing about chemo is that it is one of the most devastating ways to get better. Now, chemotherapy has a multitude of adverse side effects, like nausea, loss of appetite, and the one thing that almost immediately identifies an individual as a cancer patient, hair loss.

The thing about being bald is that it is nothing new. No one is making some kind of grand public statement about looks by not having hair. But when those people are bald, it is usually choice and it is usually achieved through shaving. When a cancer patient goes bald, however, the roots fall out. When a person shaves, the roots remain, sometimes leaving a bit of stubble.

Many sufferers don scarves instead of wigs. A perfectly valid, low cost option to be sure. But that a wig can hide the condition.

Now people wear wigs for a lot of reasons. The first is to not look they have or have recently had cancer. This is because a number of people want to be defined by something other than having been sick. They also want to look somewhat like what society dictates that healthy people should look like.

Chemo ends when the patient is either cured or it no longer makes sense to keep on going with it. Once it is done with, the hairs can begin to grow back. It takes a few months, but they will generally grow back. Now, the can sometimes grow differently than they used to. They can be thicker or curlier, but they can come back. It just takes some time, a measure of patience is advised.

Now, money is going to be an issue. The wigs can cost a lot of money, especially if they are the kind that are supposed to look like real hair. They can be purchases either a costume shop or an online store.

People suffer. Cures can hurt. But the suffering can be hidden.

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