The Band Trophy Eyes In Songs

By Jessica Bell

We all love music. Music is of different genres and by different artists from all over the world. Artists can be individual or in groups commonly referred to as bands. The trophy eyes are one good example of a band. They are an Australias punk rock group from the new castle in Australia. They have been signed onto hopeless records as from April 2014.

The boy band consists of five members. Every member has a role to play in order for the band to run smoothly. John floreani is the fronter vocalist, Jeremy Winchester is the backup singer and a bass. Other crew members include; Kevin cross the rhythm guitar, Andrew Hallet who is the lead guitarist and the end of it all, the drummer Blake Caruso.

It is commonly said that nothing lasts forever. This reference can be made when former group member callum cramp broke away from the group. He left in November 2017 and not long after, his spot was taken by Blake Caruso who is a former member of the Sydney based band known as rumors. Like many bands, this one started in the basement of John Floreanis house.

The band has gone on tour twice. The tour was known as the warped tour wherein they shared a stage with other bands groups and the movement. They were on both the hard rock stage and the smooth sail stage. Some of their other accomplishments are that they have released albums such as chemical vision and single hits like everything goes away.

They participated in the warped tour twice that is, in 2015 and in 2017. Furthermore, they have been in an intercontinental tour with crew from other part of the countries. The tour took place in the United Kingdom in conjunction with neck deep from welsh, seaway from the republic of Canada and knuckle park from the united states of America. The tour of the United Kingdom took 12 days to complete.

Every song has a story behind it and some of the stories behind the bands songs are highlighted below. With the song chlorine, as expected, there was a pool involved. It was composed by the lead vocalist John Floreani. He was inspired by a time in his childhood when he almost drowned in the deep end of a pool but was saved by another child.

The song my name of paper is about Johns grandparents. His grandmother had dementia, also known as memory loss. She could not even remember his grandfather who was her husband and was always at her side. The song is mainly about his memories of her. Sadly, his grandfather passed on from a stroke while walking home and the grandmother died within 24 hours of him.

Finally, the story behind the song breath you in. The lyrics came about while john was in Newcastle. He had just arrived from the warped tour in America. He got drunk and felt lost because he had not seen his girlfriend in four months. He had two more months of the tour. He walked around the new castle in a lot of bars and eventually, he sat and wrote the song.

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