Some Important Reminders About Young Blood Transfusion

By Virginia Davis

Every individual requires healthy blood in their system. In particular cases, several patients are in need of a young blood transfusion. Though this approach is generally considered advantageous, it has risks and downsides which must be explained as clear and efficient as possible to the patients. Otherwise, there is a possibility that their reactions would be different from the expected result.

Bad reactions can be detrimental to ones health. To top it all, the consequences can be severe. When the doctors and other staffs are unable to treat the situation as serious as possible as such that the wrong blood is sent to a patient, his or her condition might be fatal. Even if emergency actions are done, there is a risk for problems to aggravate, especially when the process went wrong. Here are some important tips and tricks to avoid problems to occur.

Make correct orders on platelets. Two products are available and presented by most hospitals. This makes it less difficult to find them in case a patient requires them. However, since the products are quite different from one another, its pivotal to have a careful and thorough study of the patients. Avoid any confusion to place the correct orders and receive them on time.

Allow patience while the screening and the blood typing procedures are going on. At times, getting a blood product takes several minutes to as long as 2 hours. Regardless of how desperate and serious you are in finishing the situation, avoid speeding the operation. It can ruin things and could result to major disasters such as wrong deliveries eventually.

Order the correct plasma. In order to make the transfusion process go smoothly, avoid ordering the plasma for the reason of correcting the INR or the international normalized ratio. Chances are, when wrong orders are made, this can affect the person condition and make the INR worse than expected. Go over your records and review everything before you make the decision.

Refrain from making assumption. A lot of staffs cannot resist the urge to finish the jobs immediately, which often results to major consequences and drawbacks. Its not smart that you let your assumptions govern everything, instead of making in depth assessments and reviews. You need to learn to look at the bigger picture and analyze the things that weigh importance.

Seek a helping hand from others. A transfusion may not be a huge deal, but this never denote that you should not ask for the assistance and advice from other experts. Even if you are proficient and skilled at what you do, listening to the professionals advice can make a difference. After all, a successful cooperation with the entire team is one key to sure success.

Double check everything, if necessary. From the documents to the records and procedures, take your time checking and reviewing everything. By doing so, you can notice some variables and factors that might be probably missed or overlooked.

Be serious with your duties. Despite having an easy job, take everything rather seriously. After all, every job, be it simple or difficult, must be overseen with great precision and care for the betterment of result.

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