Internal Medicine New York Facilitates Ultimate Wellness

By Carol Walker

According to the leading medical scholars of Ivy League institutions, wellness is the most precious asset that a human being can possess. To have a high quality of life, optimum wellness is required. This will be achieved in a number of ways. A practitioner who deals with internal medicine New York is in the business of making people to achieve ultimate wellness. He offers the best treatment solutions for the body and the mind. Treating a medical condition is just but one side of the equation. The other side involves finding ultimate healing from the condition in question.

There are many definitions of wellness out there. It seems that almost every major medical association has its own definition. Different professionals also define this concept differently. It all depends with where a person received his medical education. Of course, some people were schooled in Ivy League institutions. Most people tend to see the idea of wellness as a state of being free of disease.

The word wellness can be defined from two angles. Of course, there is the angle of mental wellness and the one of physical wellness. Many people associate wellness with the physical aspect. They fail to acknowledge that mental wellness is equally important. As a matter of fact, a mental problem such as stress or depression can eventually manifest physically.

One of the worst things in the world is disease. The day when the earth will be free of diseases will be a great day. However, this is not utopia but it is the real world. Thus, there is nothing perfect and humans have to deal with the imperfect nature of the human body. That is why people become sick.

Disease is there. It is a reality of life. However, the best news is that disease prevention is also a reality. There are many disease prevention success stories out there. The answer lies in prevention. This is the best hope for humanity. There is no better solution for the scourge of disease than preventing it before it happens.

A doctor will advise on how to best prevent diseases. Things like Sexual Transmitted Diseases are best prevented by having safe sex and avoiding having multiple sexual partners. Most Americans are affected by venereal diseases. Lifestyle diseases are also a leading cause of death in America. Lifestyle change is needed in America so that to reduce the cases of lifestyle diseases.

The first line of defense has to be disease prevention. The option of last resort should be treatment. When every prevention measure has failed, one will have to choose the treatment alternative. Disease treatment should be done in the most effective manner possible. It should not merely remedy the symptoms. There is the need to eliminate the root cause of a disease.

Internal medicine practitioners play important roles in New York as well as other American states. America needs more of these practitioners. Thus, more high school students should be encouraged to pursue medicine in university. Every person on earth will require the services of a doctor, a number of times in his life. A doctor is directly involved in saving lives.

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