How To Take Good Care Of Your Skin After Undergoing Laser Hair Removal Portland Offers

By Virginia Wood

It's a must for you to treat the skin correctly right after paying for laser hair removal Portland offers. With the right steps, the results can be maximized. Continue reading to come across some helpful tips on preventing unwanted issues after undergoing the said cosmetic treatment.

Do not scratch your skin. One of the most common side effects of the procedure is some form of skin itching. However, always bear in mind that you should never scratch. If you fail to resist scratching, you may scrape your skin and this can easily lead to scarring.

Try applying ice packs or cold compresses. Your skin may look irritated and red for several hours after having the cosmetic procedure. To attain relief from such common side effects, you may apply ice packs or cold compresses. Always remember to wrap ice cubes in a hand towel first because it's not a good idea to apply them directly on the skin.

Apply a little vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel. A simple way to put skin irritation and redness under control is by smoothing a little vitamin E oil. Aside from vitamin E oil, you may also go for aloe vera gel. Just see to it that you rinse it off with cool water the moment that it's already dry.

Avoid really hot baths or showers. Do not have extremely hot baths or showers for up to 48 hours after a laser treatment because it will only aggravate mild irritation of the skin. Instead, opt for a cold bath or shower as it can help in soothing irritation as well as itchiness, both of which are common side effects. Similarly, you should avoid going to the sauna.

Exfoliate gently the moment there is no more skin redness. Eliminating too much dead skin cells through exfoliation can save you from ending up with ingrown hair. This can be done with the use of a loofah, sponge or exfoliating gel. However, refrain from exfoliating skin if it's still showing signs of redness and irritation.

Steer clear of direct sunlight. For about 2 to 4 weeks after getting the cosmetic treatment, you should prevent your skin from coming into contact with the sun. If going outside the home is necessary, see to it that you apply sunscreen that has a sun protection factor or SPF that's not lower than 30 so that you may get ample protection from UV rays.

Avoid applying any make up. If your face is the part that's treated, make sure that only the mineral kind of make up is applied for up to 48 hours after the procedure. If your make up is not the mineral kind, refrain from applying any. It's also recommended for you to refrain from using any type of cosmetic product on your face for the next 48 hours.

Avoid applying your deodorant. For up to 3 days, refrain from using your trusted deodorant if your underarms are the ones that had the treatment. Some of the chemicals in it can actually aggravate skin irritation.

Do not work out intensively. After the procedure, you should give your body a break. It's for this reason why you should never perform intense exercises for the next 2 to 3 days after the procedure.

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