Gut Reboot, A Step By Step Guide

By Kevin Ellis

Health and so does illness starts from your gut. When your gut is sick and inflamed you will experience anything starting from wrinkled skin to gaining weight. You are never too late in healing or resetting your gut. Start it today by changing your lifestyle. Here are steps for you to follow on how to do gut reboot in order to feel and look at your best.

One, lessen those raw cruciferous vegetables. Raw cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, and brussel sprouts can cause major discomfort for the tummy. Yes, this these vegetables are most healthy if you eat it raw but due to this you might want to cut back on eating them raw all the time.

Two, eat fermented foods. Some popular ones are kimchi and kefir. They are rich in probiotics. This is what your good bacteria needs for optimal health and digestion. In other words, your stomach love this kind of foods. The good thing is, you may find this at your local food stores.

It works like this, there will be some part of the day wherein you can eat food but during fasting you should not intake anything except for water. For example, your eating period is from 12 in the afternoon until 8 in the evening. After those time, between 8 pm and before 12 pm, you cannot consume any food.

Four, as much as possible avoid antibiotics. People intakes antibiotics whenever they are sick. You see, this gets rid of all the healthy gut flora. Gut flora is the opposite of probiotics. Now, if ever your doctor advice you to have yourself some anitbiotics tell him or her that you are also taking probiotic supplements.

Five, cut back yourself from acidic foods. You see, acidic food is hard for the stomach specially when they are empty. When you include those who contains citrus make sure that your stomach is full first. For those who does not have any acid reflux problems adding lemon to your warm water is a good habit to keep.

Six, consume those that can heal your guts. Eat foods or perhaps take supplements which is consisted of aloe vera, vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e, and omega 3 fatty acids. Taking this everyday would surely heal those sick guts of yours faster. You may alternate them just as long as you have one of those.

Seven, stuff yourself with some white vegetables. White vegetables such as garlic, scallion, and leeks contains powerful antioxidant which prevent cancer from happening. Adding them to your meals will not only make them delicious but would be full of antioxidants too.

Eight, have a bowl of soup at least once a day. Bone broth is the number one remedy. This broth is rich in nutrients so it keeps your digestion on track. It gives an incredible healing power to those who are sick while preventing you from any diseases. Simply follow this step and you will surely live a healthy lifestyle.

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