Factors To Consider When Selecting Facilities That Offer Assisted Living Duval County FL

By Frank Gibson

It is normal to think about how you will take care of yourself in old age. As a senior, you may come to find that you need help with completing some tasks like meal preparation, taking a bath, grooming and dressing. When this occurs, you can choose to move to an assisted living residence. By taking advantage of assisted living Duval County FL inhabitants will have a more comfortable lifestyle.

The other names used to refer to assisted living facilities include adult homes, residential care, adult living facilities, enhanced care and supported care among others. Some of these facilities specialize in caring for certain types of residents, such as people who have dementia or those who are blind. Most people who live in residential care homes are seniors, but younger people with physical or mental disabilities may also reside in them.

The services provided by residential care homes vary. They offer certain kinds of assistance optionally, for an additional cost. Some examples of the services and activities offered at these facilities include 24 hour supervision, social recreational activities, exercise programs, transportation, security and daily meals, which are served in a common dining room. There are many such facilities in Duval County, FL and you can be overwhelmed with the choices available. In order to find a good residential care home, you should consider several things.

One of the things to consider is your desires and needs in a long term residence. Think about the location you would prefer to reside. You may prefer a location which is near a major hospital and physicians or one that is near entertainment and shopping facilities. You may also desire to live in a facility situated close to where your children and grandchildren live.

It is also essential to think about the features you want in a residential care home. For instance, you may prefer to have an extra bedroom where guests can sleep. The other features you may want are a kitchenette or patio. Some of the other amenities that may be available include pools, movie theaters, art studios, bars and cafes. Think about the amenities and activities that you will enjoy the most.

Seniors should also consider the safety and assistance features they currently need and the ones they may need in the future. This is especially the case for those who have diseases that get worse with time like Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease. Currently, seniors may only need to use a grab bar in the shower and housekeeping services. In the days to come, they may need to use a wheelchair and assistance with dressing and bathing.

You should find out about the charges. It is advisable to compare the fees of several residential care homes. Consider if the facilities offer the services you desire at an affordable price. When you compare the fees, you can know which residential care home which is suitable for you.

After finding a suitable facility, it is time to schedule a guided tour. Bring with you a list of questions to ask the staff, like whether you can bring your own furniture and a pet to the facility and if you can continue seeing your own doctor. It is also wise to take a relative or friend with you to get a second opinion from him or her.

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