Essential Steps To Take Before Heading To A Laser Hair Center Plano Offers

By Christine Roberts

A lot of women are clamoring for reduction of body and facial hair that can last for life. If you are intending to get a laser treatment, you have to perform some really important steps before you finally undergo it. Keep on reading in order for you to know some of the most crucial things that have to be done prior to heading to the laser hair center Plano has.

About 1 month prior to getting the cosmetic procedure, refrain from tanning your skin. According to experts in the field, your skin should be in its lightest possible color in order for superb results to be achieved. This means that you need to limit your exposure to the sun, and also regularly apply sunscreen with an SPF of not less than 30.

You should also ditch indoor tanning methods. Needless to say, you should cancel your appointment to use a tanning bed that emits UV radiation 1 month before your treatment. The application of indoor tanning sprays, creams and lotions should be avoided as well. Again, your skin needs to be in its natural coloration when having the treatment.

Do not bleach fine hairs on your body and face if this is your preferred method of making them less observable. Since light beams used during the cosmetic procedure hunts for melanin, which is a dark colored pigment, it has to be kept intact. It is said that you have to quit bleaching about 1 month prior to your schedule.

Do not wax or pluck for about a month before receiving the very popular cosmetic procedure. This is because it can cause the follicles to be detached, causing the treatment to fail to work. However, it doesn't mean that you can appear unkempt as there's a solution that you may go for right before heading to your trusted clinic.

Shave about 2 days before receiving the treatment. The use of a razor is the only method permissible because it does not get rid of the follicles. With the follicles intact, the treatment can be successful. Shaving is also recommended by the experts because it's something that can actually help make the cosmetic procedure less painful.

Leave your home only after taking a shower. Experts in the cosmetic procedure say that success rate is higher the cleaner your skin is. Hitting the shower removes excess oils, grime and dirt that can interfere with the light beams. It is also a wonderful idea for you to use a loofah to remove excess dead skin cells.

Do not apply lotions, creams or any other cosmetic product after taking a shower. There is no point in having a shower if you will apply something on your skin afterwards. Before going to the center, make sure that the area that's going to be treated is squeaky clean and free of anything that can keep the cosmetic procedure from working very well.

Stay away from clothes that are too tight. The skin will feel like it is irritated once the cosmetic treatment is through. That is why anything that is body hugging has to be avoided. What you should wear are loose fitting garments, preferably those that are made from natural fabrics like cotton for proper ventilation.

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