After Microblading Langley BC Technicians Carry Out, Follow These Important Tips

By Michelle Russell

Having beautiful eyebrows help accentuate the eyes and also improve the shape of the face. It's due to this why a lot of women are willing to do everything just to be spotted with the perfect eyebrows. If you are planning on undergoing microblading Langley BC technicians are offering, you must adhere to the recommended after care procedures found below.

For an entire week, avoid applying makeup on those eyebrows. Do take note that you may still put makeup on any other part of your face. Don't assume that makeup with natural ingredients is safe for use because experts say that it may still trigger an infection. What's more, the application of makeup can result in irritation, possibly delaying the process of healing.

Do your best to keep the area dry all the time. While taking a shower or bath, make sure that those eyebrows of yours do not come into contact with water. Fret not because you have to do this for 7 to 10 days only. So be patient as it won't take long before it's okay for the treated area to come into contact with water once again.

Momentarily stay away from working out. If you are a fitness buff, you may be frustrated to know that you should refrain from exercising for up to 10 days after having the treatment. That's because sweat can introduce bacteria into the skin, thus increasing the risk of an infection. Any physical activity that can leave you sweaty should be dodged as well.

Skip hitting the sauna. Stepping foot inside the sauna is not a good idea while your eyebrows are not yet healed. According to technicians, getting them exposed to extreme heat is a bad idea. In addition, excessive perspiration caused by high temperatures can be disastrous for a woman who just had her eyebrows treated.

Do not allow your hair to touch your eyebrows. There are two reasons why this after care tip is so important. First, it's possible for hair to leave the treated area irritated. Second, an infection may strike because those hair strands tend to carry dirt as well as bacteria.

Fight off the urge to scratch or pick at scabs. While healing, it's very much likely for the area to feel really itchy. Make sure that you refrain from scratching to prevent complications. Scabs may also form, but do your best to refrain from picking at them. Otherwise, you may end up with nasty scars, some of which may even be permanent.

Use the ointment the technician recommends. Just in case the person who did your microblading suggests an ointment or cream, apply it as directed. Such can help make the process of healing go by faster, and also prevent issues that can keep you from having the eyebrows of your dreams.

Protect the area from the sun with the help of sunscreen. Once complete healing is achieved, it's a good idea for you to apply sunscreen on your eyebrows each time you step foot outside the home. Performing this routine can help make the result last for a longer time.

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