After Having Micro Needling Round Rock TX Offers, Follow These Important Steps

By Debra Gray

There are a handful of aftercare procedures you need to strictly follow after having any form of skin renewing procedure. Aside from not attaining the expected results, failure to comply may also lead to certain complications. That is why you should carefully abide by the simple instructions below after undergoing micro needling Round Rock TX is providing.

Use a mild cleanser and nothing else. In cleaning the skin after receiving the procedure, you should stick to the mildest facial wash that you can find. Also, the use of tepid water is recommended to loosen dirt and grime. Needless to say, avoid using any harsh facial cleanser for 3 days in order to keep the treated area from becoming irritated.

Keep skin hydrated very well. Your skin may look and feel parched after undergoing the cosmetic procedure. Fret not because it's normal and such can be dealt with by regularly applying a mild moisturizer. Something that contains hyaluronic acid is recommended by the pros since the said ingredient is superb at maintaining optimum skin hydration.

Stay away from the sun for the next 3 days. Your skin is extremely sensitive once the cosmetic procedure is over. It's exactly for this reason why you have to keep your face from being touched by direct sunlight. This means you should refrain from sunbathing or engaging in activities that are carried out under the scorching sun.

Stay away from tanning beds, too. Lamps installed inside those tanning beds are similar to the sun because they also emit dangerous UV rays. Needless to say, tanning bed use has to be avoided just like sunbathing. The use of a tanning lamp should also be momentarily ditched. Any activity that involves UV ray exposure has to be shunned for 3 days.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. One of the best ways to save the skin from coming into contact with sunlight is by using sunscreen. Opt for one that absolutely contains no strong chemicals. Before you leave the clinic, ask the person who just performed micro needling which sunscreen brand or formulation is best for you.

Avoid jumping into a swimming pool. Fight off the urge to swim within 72 hours after receiving the cosmetic procedure. While it's true that a swimming pool's water is chlorinated, your skin may still pick up microbes from it. What's more, your skin might get exposed to the sun when you go swimming, so this leisure pursuit is something you have to shun.

Refrain from exercising right away. Even though you are a fitness buff, you should quit exercising within 3 days after having the procedure. Sweat can cause skin to come into contact with bacteria, which is something that can cause complications to strike. Allow 3 days to pass before finally going back to your strict exercise regimen.

Do not engage in any physical activity that's strenuous. Using the treadmill, riding a bicycle and performing bicep curls are not the only things you need to avoid for the next 72 hours, but anything else that can leave you sweaty. Meaning to say, gardening, dancing and cleaning the car are banned. Allow your skin to heal fully before attempting to do them again.

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