What You Should Know About Electromagnetic Therapy For Horses & IBH

By Robin Setser

While it's probably a given, insect bites are bothersome. However, when we think of these bites, it's typical for us to automatically think of mosquito bites, which can pop up seemingly overnight. These bites can affect animals, including horses, in a major way. This is one of the reasons why it's important to learn about IBH and electromagnetic therapy for horses. Here are some of the most important things that you should know about both.

IBH, or insect bite hypersensitivity, occurs when a horse comes into contact with seemingly harmless saliva. The truth of the matter is that said saliva can trigger IBH, which means that it's difficult to predict. Even though this problem can spring up at any point of the year, it seems like it's most common during the summer, which is when insects seem to be most prevalent. Fortunately, it's easy to determine if your horse has been afflicted.

IBH isn't without its clinical signs, of which there are quite a few. It's not uncommon for a horse with this condition to break out into a rash or hives, which can be easily detected. Next, a horse with IBH might start to shed more than they should, which can damage their coat of fur beyond recognition. These are just a few examples that can be covered by the likes of Assisi Animal Health. This is why it should be noted that there are ways to manage IBH.

When it comes to therapeutic and treatment methods for IBH, it's worth starting with electromagnetic therapy for horses. It can reduce discomfort in horses, without the need for invasive surgery. Another way to manage your horse's IBH is by adjusting their diet. To be more specific, there should be more food with omega-3 fatty acids. These can help reduce inflammation, which improves comfort that much more.

While we may not give much thought to mosquito bites and the like, we tend to overlook how they can affect our pets as well. Even the strongest animals, horses included, can become infected under certain conditions. Fortunately, the information covered earlier will be able to improve your pet's well-being, ensuring that their quality of life is maintained. IBH is no laughing matter, but it's clear that it can be helped.

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