What To Expect From Pelvic Floor Physio ACT AU

By Carolyn Miller

Although the pelvic floor muscles are something women use each and every day, it is an often overlooked part of female anatomy. Once things start to go wrong it becomes very clear just how important it is. Pelvic floor physio ACT AU has come to the rescue many times to help women who are having severe problems in this area regain a normal and confident life.

The pelvic floor controls everything in that area. It controls how and when you urinate and also sexual function. It holds in tampons during menstruation and allows the release of menses from the womb. There is a great deal going on unseen that is completely controlled by this band of muscles, so it is very important to ensure it is strong and healthy.

When it comes to bladder control the band of muscles in the pelvis control everything. Many women find that they first notice a problem in this area when they cough, sneeze or laugh suddenly. It is a terrifying feeling to know you have lost control.

It also plays an important role in sex. The tightness of this muscle will directly affect the amount of pleasure a woman gets from sex and even the strength of her orgasm. If it is loose the man will also notice during intercourse. A woman with very strong muscles will be able to squeeze them tightly at will which can significantly improve sex for both parties.

Women struggling in this area feel it in every part of their lives. So many different types of activity can be affected by it, from going shopping to walking the dog. It can become extremely embarrassing as those with a severe problem often have little bladder control and either stop going out entirely or are forced to wear incontinence protection, which is bad for self esteem and confidence.

Kegel exercises are very important. For pregnant women they should be used before and after the birth to help with strength, incontinence and control. They can be performed with no equipment, simply lying on the bed and they only take a few minutes. Lifting the pelvic floor feels similar to how it feels when you stop peeing mid stream. These muscles are then held in and slowly released.

For women wanting to go to the next level, there is some equipment that you can include in your sessions, although it is not essential. It can be done with a partner to make it a little fun. Love eggs are a form of sex toy and kegel exercise as they vibrate inside the vagina causing pleasure, but the muscles instinctively engage to hold it in place.

It can take a long time to strengthen these muscles but you should begin to notice a difference within a couple of weeks. They need to be performed every day two or three times. Find a time that fits easily into your day to day life and before you know it you won't even notice that you do them each day. However, you will notice the improvement to your bladder control and your sex life.

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