What Are The Essential Facts About Abortion?

By Alxa Roffel

There are a lot of pharmaceuticals that use Mifepristone as a very effective drug to get rid of pregnancy and as an effective abortion drug that can be used during the first trimester of the gestation period. The process it follows is directly preventing the progesterone receptors inhibiting the production of the hormone and therefore is considered to be used as an emergency contraceptive pills preferred to be consumed in smaller doses.

Mifepristone is popular as the scientific name of the drug, however, the drug is also popular by its manufacturing name i.e. RU-486, that was founded by Roussel Uclaf. France is known as the first country that provided the abortion pill initially, after which it also began to be sold in different parts of the world.

In the medical terms, abortion is referred to as a lot of things. It is termed as an immediate solution for abortion otherwise also known as miscarriage; it may have occurred due to shock or trauma that has affected the foetus internally, in this case the body itself terminates the pregnancy. It is also found to occur when the foetus is known to have a lot of genetic problems or diseases.

Mifeprex is also commonly known as abortion pills, which also has a scientific name i.e. mifepristone. The process of using the abortion pills to get rid of pregnancy is considered as a non-surgical abortion method or medical abortion. However, you must remember that Mifeprex is a combination of two compounds, which includes mifepristone and misoprostol.

There are a lot of other uses of the drug mifepristone, which include being used as oral contraception to get rid of pregnancy, treatment for endometriosis, getting rid of uterine fibroids, reducing plus size breast or to deal with prostate cancers.

However, one of the most common processes that follow the consumption of the abortion pills is inhibiting the growth of progesterone hormone, which plays a very important role in the pregnancy process. As this happens the uterine lining begins to shed and the cervix gets softened, which is then followed by bleeding. The bleeding process indicates that the abortion process has begun due to the blockage of the hormone.

It is also found that in a lot of cases the bleeding doesn't occur after the consumption of the first drug, but it is visible once the patient consumes the second drug i.e. misoprostol. There are two processes followed to administer this drug, either orally or injected directly in the vagina. This shall lead to abdominal cramps and contractions of the uterus and thus help in releasing the contents of the foetus out of the body.

There are several health conditions under which people are recommended to not take this drug. It includes cardiovascular diseases, bleeding problems, diabetes, asthma and various other health conditions. The drug is also found to be ineffective in case of ectopic pregnancies. In regards to the usage and the administration of the pills, the clinic that you visit shall provide you with detailed information about it. It shall give the necessary details and advices that a woman must consider if she is willing to take the abortion pill.

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