Various Types Of Lasers Used For Laser Hair Removal Fairfield NJ Offers

By Marie Gibson

These days, there are a lot of lasers employed for eliminating unwanted hairs. Due to their presence, anyone can enjoy laser hair removal Fairfield NJ is offering. Read on to know some of the most popularly utilized kinds of lasers that are used by professionals of today.

IPL is short for intense pulsed light. Basically, it involves the use of pulses of light that generate heat as soon as they hit the follicles. This results in the destruction of hairs without any damage to the skin. The use of this technology is ideal for people with light skin and dark hairs.

The use of IPL is virtually free of pain, and that's why it is commonly employed for removing unwanted hairs on the face, back, bikini area and legs. Although very gentle, IPL may still cause a few side effects. Some of them include skin redness and swelling. However, they tend to go away on their own rather quickly.

Nd:YAG stands for neodymium ytrrium aluminum garnet. Often, this type of laser is used for removing tattoos and excess skin pigments, but these days it's also being employed for eliminating hairs on the body. It's recommended for any skin color, and it's suited for treating large areas of the body like the back and chest.

To help direct the light beams, carbon lotion is massaged on the skin before the treatment. The use of Nd:YAG, unfortunately, comes with some discomfort. However, don't be disheartened because you may ask the expert to apply a little numbing cream prior to the treatment.

Diode entails the use of concentrated light beams that produce heat. The generated heat is focused on the follicles, particularly the pigment melanin present in them. This results in the destruction of the follicles and removal of excess hairs. Impressively, skin around the follicles is not damaged.

Even though each diode treatment can be carried out quickly, unfortunately many different treatments have to be performed. With regards to the side effects, they are kept to a minimum. Redness of the skin may be observed, but it disappears on its own in about 2 days.

Ruby is considered as the mother of all lasers employed for eliminating unwanted hairs. It uses light pulses that are emitted at certain intervals, and such results in very minimal discomfort. The fact is using ruby in the right manner is known to get rid of excess hairs pain free.

The use of ruby is perfect for people who have light skin and hairs. Sadly, it's not suitable for those with dark or tanned skin. If used on dark colored skin, ruby won't produce impressive results.

Alexandrite is regarded as one of the fastest lasers used for removing unwanted hairs. This is the reason why it is commonly employed for quickly removing hairs on large areas of the body. In fact, it's the number one choice of many professionals these days.

Sad to say, there is pain or discomfort involved with the utilization of alexandrite. This is something that can be anticipated from a system that delivers results very quickly. According to experts, it's actually capable of permanently eliminating hairs, although there are instances in which it simply reduces the pigment, number and texture.

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