The Significance Of Ozone Therapy San Diego

By Deborah Adams

This therapy refers to a form of treatment which is usually used to or in treatment of numerous medical conditions. This treatment is not very common as it is only used in United States and Europe. Ozone therapy San Diego usually offers treatment option by using this layer which is actually a mixture of oxygen molecules.

There are some huge benefits which are associated with this kind of a therapy. One of the benefits is that this particular remedy is viewed to improve on the immune systems. It has been suggested that this particular remedy is used as a regulator of the immune system. In case the immune system is overactive, then it becomes essential to calm it down and the ozone therapy does exactly this.

On the other hand when the immune system is underactive such as like during the chronic illness, then it requires to be stimulated and this particular remedy does exactly this. This unique capability of this particular remedy comes from the activation of the immune molecules which are known as gamma interferon, TNF-alpha and the colony stimulating factor among others.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome is a type of condition which is caused by numerous coronavirus subspecies. Instead of targeting on a single subspecies as with anti-viral medicine, specialists argue that the substance is able to sweep out the coronavirus subtypes. Ozone plays a very role in the production of cytokines which are very crucial in taking control of the immune system.

This is a treatment which also improves on the overall immune system. The substance usually regulates the functioning of the human immune system. At times the immune system gets overactive which requires to be calmed and the ozone plays this vital role. Some other times the immune system becomes underactive especially when there is a chronic illness and the chronic plays a significant role in stimulating it.

In case we stopped breathing then it would mean that we could be dead within a duration of about eight minutes or even less. This is simply because it is oxygen which helps our cells in making energy. This therefore means that without sufficient oxygen the cells cannot be able to make energy and the cells in turn would die.

The treatment used in this practice eradicates the virus by simply using the by products which are formed when the practice gets the ability to combine with the body fluids. It is also argued that this medication has an ability of eradicating cancer cells.

This is also a kind of treatment which aims at detoxifying the body. When this treatment is carried the pores of the human skin tends to open when subjected to steam and heat. The treatment usually penetrates to the fat, lymph and blood. Through allowing the ozone in and out of the body through the sweating process, then this method is viewed to be very effective in oxygenating and detoxifying the body.

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