The Different Procedures Of Cosmetic Dentistry Jacksonville FL

By Sarah Turner

Over time, cosmetic dentistry is continuing to gain popularity. The procedures range from whitening and shaping to the closing of spaces and replacing of teeth. Dental practitioners have a wide range of techniques and tools at their disposal. Before you go for any cosmetic procedure, it is important to be versed with the benefits as well as risks that are involved. In consideration of cosmetic dentistry Jacksonville FL residents need to be well versed with the processes involved.

Among the most common cosmetic procedures is whitening of teeth. Over time, there is possibility that teeth might get discolored. This might be because of smoking or taking certain medications. There are also medications and foods which encourage discoloring of teeth. Using some chemical process, teeth can get bleached. The procedure is either done as in-office procedure or a system to be used from home can be provided.

Bonding is usually done for improving appearance of teeth which have spaces between them. The same will apply to teeth which are stained, broken or chipped. It is also possible to use bonding materials for filling small cavities within teeth or to protect teeth that are exposed. It is a procedure that can be accomplished from one office visit using etching solution. This will then be followed by the application of tooth colored materials to surface of teeth.

Veneers are also a type of cosmetic dentistry. They are custom shells that are made from porcelain or from plastic. They cover front sides of teeth so that their color or shape is changed. Veneers tend to last much longer than bonding in addition to providing superior appearance. Before insertion of veneers, a dentist will take an impression of affected tooth. This is then followed by buffing the tooth before the veneer is cemented in place.

When it comes to use of veneers, there is use of beams of light for hardening cement which is used. This will secure veneer to the tooth. As regards porcelain veneers, they are usually made from a laboratory and thus one needs a second visit to have them fixed.

Crowns are also referred to as caps. They cover teeth so that normal appearance is restored. Crowns are used for many things, including protection of week teeth, holding dental bridges and cover of discolored teeth. They also cover dental implants. They are manufactured from ceramic materials, resin or metal. Because they are costly, they are to be used only when other techniques fail to produce desired outcomes.

There is enamel shaping and contouring. This involves removal or contouring dental enamel for improvement of teeth appearance. This process can be combined with bonding. It is used for altering shape, length or position of teeth. The best candidates for reshaping and contouring are those with normal and healthy teeth. There should also be adequate bone between teeth.

Placement of dental implants is expensive and also involving. They are however a very effective long-term solution to missing teeth. In addition, they can be used as alternative o bridges. Surgeons implant them surgically.

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