Results Of Racial Bullying In The Medical Industry

By David Sanders

Peaceful coexistence between the employees is vital for the growth of an organization. The success of any organization is dependent on how the workers perform, and their performance is dependent on how well they can share the task and coordinate with each other. Racial bullying in the medical industry is brought about by many factors among them economic, social and environmental factors. The effects of these are far felt not only to those who engaged in them but also those being served.

Fear develops on the individuals that the actions are done to them over time. In the start, it feels a regular thing, but with time, the realization that it is wrong weighs them down. One fears to face those who practice it in their workplace. The results may be loss of the employee as they try searching for a better workplace or deterioration of their quality of service.

Guilt develops on the persons being harassed. It is common to feel low and feel as if it is your fault to have the issue bringing about the harassment. The thought that you cannot change the situation makes it even worse. From time to time there will be urges to take their lives even when can not overcome the guilt.

An organization also gets to suffer a big blow as it has to go through a lot of expenses regarding time and funds. They have to correct the effect caused by poor performance by the employees as a result of this. Additionally, costs are incurred as they try to bring the parties in conflict together.

It also causes trauma and depression. Traumas develop out of a situation that one feels is beyond them. Among the severe extent of trauma is brain damage. Depression results from the growing level of stress on an individual, as the action is repeatedly done on them, they stress themselves out and end up falling victims of depression.

Clients get to suffer health-wise and emotional-wise. As the fights are going on between individuals involved, the patients are neglected, their health conditions deteriorate. A witness to this discrimination also has an adverse reaction to the emotional life of a patient. Again, they may be victims of the discrimination regarding treatment and other services. Ignorance happens to deteriorate their conditions to the extent of death.

Wars and doubts are inevitable when this occurs. The employees no longer trust each other, and they look upon each other with suspicion and hate. When the condition is overlooked or propelled by the management, they end up fighting each other. Some loose their lives, develop traumas and even lose interest in this career they once worked for.

Lastly, the image and reputation of a facility are destroyed. Customers tend to spread word each time they receive services from an organization. Therefore, when they witness bad things in an organization, they go about covering the bad news in a society. Moreover, the employees may engage in fights even on the outside. Whenever these happen, the reputation of the facility is negatively painted.

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