Peninsula Chiropractic Care Gives Patients Relief From Pain

By David Howard

Pain is one way in which the body signals that there is a problem somewhere. Everyone will experience pain once in a while. There are numerous people, however, for whom pain is a constant companion. They live in extreme pain twenty four seven and their quality of life suffers accordingly. Many find no relief even after seeing different doctors, trying different medication routines and even experimenting with herbal remedies, acupuncture and other alternatives. Peninsula chiropractic care seems to be the one solution many patients have longed for.

Chiropractors are often mistakenly described as back specialists. They do treat patients with back pain but this is not their main concern. They believe that many types of pain is the direct result of a spine that has gone out of alignment. The cure for the pain therefore lies in the ability to straighten the spine once more. Once this is done, the patient experience relied from his pain.

The reason why an ill aligned spine causes pain lies in the fact that the nerve system is placed under tremendous pressure when the spine is out of alignment. This, in turn, has a severe negative influence on the efficiency of the immune system. This means that the body is no longer able to naturally heal itself. When the spine is aligned, the pressure on the nerve system is removed and the immune system does its work.

Chiropractors have successfully treated many types of pain. The majority of their patients complain of back pain, but they also treat neck pain, pain caused by arthritis and swollen tendons, muscle pain, headaches and painful joints. In many cases patients experience almost immediate relief. Chiropractors are also very popular with professional athletes because the recovery period is short and the treatment is not invasive. Many professional teams even employ chiropractors.

Chiropractors use many different treatment methods but they always opt for the least drastic treatment method that will help to align the spine properly. In some cases it may indeed be necessary to physically force the individual vertebrae back into place one by one. In most cases, however, gentle methods such as massage and the use of hot or cold packs are sufficient. No drugs are used.

Many chiropractors first practiced as medical doctors but it is not necessary to be a qualified doctor in order to practice as a chiropractor. Those that were medical doctors first often became disappointed in the invasive nature of modern medicine and the many potentially harmful side effects of modern drugs. They will, however, refer patients to medical specialists when they think it is in the best interests of the patient.

Chiropractors stress the fact that much can be done to make sure that the spine stays properly aligned. Stretching exercises will strengthen the tendons and improve the flexibility of patients. Swimming, cycling and walking are all ideal. Disciplines such as yoga also help to improve flexibility. Patients are also urged to maintain a good posture when standing or sitting down.

Chiropractors are experiencing a boom in popularity. Many patients even see their chiropractor as their primary health professional. Patients appreciate the fact that results are often almost immediate, that the treatment is not invasive at all and that no drugs are used. This means no complications and no side effects from medication.

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