Intriguing Healing Powers Of Russian Pyramids

By Carol Lee

The fact that Egyptian pyramids get a lot of attention does not change the fact that other similar structures around the globe exist. Some of them even have special highlights that place them on the limelight as well. Some people believe that other than being architectural wonders these structures have energy that causes unexplained effects. A good case is the healing powers of Russian pyramids.

Both experts and laymen are intrigued by the mysterious energy. Some people have even made their own sets in an attempt to discover more about the possibilities. Those who believe in the power of the pyramid explain that the structures are a good source of spiritual and biological effects. Though the benefits have not been proven through old scientific methods, some individuals believe the structures have many good effects such as healing, enhanced meditation as well as improved sex drive and sleep.

Others have researched on the relationship between energy and a pyramid and have addressed how the development of the structures may affect different components of human experience, for example, awareness, matter as well as gravity. Pyramid analysts and lovers state that pyramids can alter the molecular composition of objects inside the structures, and in this manner have a significant effect on the experience of people.

Some researchers have been studying the Russian structures for very many years now. They assert that the structures have the ability to take out infections, treat diseases, and increment electrical opposition of some types of carbon. Research has been done on the impacts of a pyramid in various conditions and circumstances. In a few examinations, it has been discovered that a pyramid has effects on plants, for example, purportedly expanding agricultural yield by a huge percentage. Tests done utilizing military radar units demonstrate huge measures of ionizing radiation originating from tips of the structures.

Research into this matter prompted the establishment of fiberglass pyramids in Russia. They have drawn a lot of attention and visits from travelers. They are found in different urban centers in the country. Visitors have given differing accounts of their tours with some reporting having felt no different while others said they had been healed.

Associations all over the world have also invested into research about the powers of a pyramid. This includes organizations that such as The International Partnership for Pyramid Research. Some associations have made further strides by taking that exploration and developing and marketing items that are said to bring the crucial energy to individuals so that they can cope with different ecological conditions.

Examples of these products include mini-structures and crystals that are made in the shape of a pyramid. Each product is said to have different benefits for the person who uses it. Some of these benefits include harmonizing space, reducing stress, electromagnetic radiation and slowing down the aging process.

Interest in the powers of the structures in Russia has led to a lot of investigation, some of which is still ongoing. It has now extended beyond just formal research. Some people are more focused on teaching others how to make their own structures. There are many guides on how to go about this at home. These experiments help those interested in finding out more about the power of a pyramid. The level of complexity of the experiment depends on how far one is willing to go.

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