Good Quality Eyelashes Can Look Natural

By Larry Hall

Fake lashes are able to look almost as good as the real thing. People may resist using them because they are afraid of applying them. However, there is no question that good quality eyelashes are not only easy to apply but do a great job of drawing attention to the eyes.

Many different types of lashes are available. They do not come in just one size or shape. Natural looking lashes may be short or long and some are much fuller than others. One can even buy single or trio lashes. Ones that have an invisible or clear band are more discreet than a black band.

Lashes are made from a variety of materials, including human hair, silk, horse hair, mink, sable and synthetic materials. Synthetic lashes are used by most people because they are strong and often look as natural as real hair but they are less expensive. Of course very cheap products may not look natural at all as they have a waxy, plastic appearance.

The lashes should be chosen to compliment the shape of the eye. If eyes are prominent, the lashes should help to disguise this. If eyes are more deep set, longer, fuller lashes can help to bring them out. Lashes that emphasize natural lift can help eyes that turn up to look beautiful and those that turn down need ones that will lift them.

Applying lashes is not as difficult as some people imagine. Eyelash extensions are a different story and professionals apply these but false lashes are easily applied at home. Many of them are glued on whereas there are those that use magnets. The type of glues differ but many people prefer a dark glue because it blends in better than a clear glue which may have a visible residue.

These products are not made to fit every eye perfectly. Lashes should be lined up to the eye lid before applying and any excesses can be cut off if necessary. Cutting them at this stage makes the application process much easier. Always be sure never to apply them onto your eyelids. If they are glued to the eyelids, an empty space may be noticed and it looks anything but natural.

Touching or playing with lashes once they have been applied is not a good idea. It is possible for them to fall off if they are handled too much. Water resistance is not one of their qualities so they will come off while swimming or when people are crying a lot.

False lashes can be worn more than once. Just use tweezers to take off excess glue and remove them. If mascara has been applied, use eye makeup remover to clean them and they can be worn again. It is an individual choice as to whether to apply mascara before or after applying false lashes. Those who wear strip lashes usually add mascara after applying the others to blend all the lashes together so they appearance is more natural.

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