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By Charles Murray

Medical professionals who specialize in treating patients using surgery are called surgeons. They treat a huge range of medical conditions using surgical procedures. Sometimes, they perform surgery for cosmetic purposes. General surgeons are not specialized in any specific subspecialty within the field of medicine. Their job mostly involves performing procedures in the torso region, which includes the spleen, liver, stomach, gallbladder, esophagus, and intestines. When one needs General Surgeon Russellville AR Offers the perfect location to visit.

Before surgery is performed, the practitioner must first diagnose the patient. A physical examination is usually performed commonly as one of the methods of diagnosing disease. Various tests may also have to be performed including CT scans, ultrasound scan, and x-ray. These diagnostic tests are intended to confirm a certain diagnosis. They may be performed by the surgeon or the patient may be referred to a separate lab.

After a diagnosis has been confirmed, it is the responsibility of the physician to choose a treatment option that best suits the patient. If surgery is the best treatment option, then the practitioner must proceed to determine the suitability of the patient. This is important because not all patients are suitable for such an invasive treatment option. Physical health is usually very important.

Part of confirming if a candidate is suitable involves running pre-operative tests. Some of these tests involve blood work and EKG. Both tests target at determining if the patient has any kind of medical condition that may preclude them from receiving surgery. Proceeding with the surgery on patients who have such conditions usually puts the life of the patient at risk. Death may occur in worst case scenarios.

In general, these surgeons do a wide range of surgical procedures. Some of the procedures they conduct include gallbladder removal, hernia repair, an appendectomy, removal of breast tumors, operating on skin cancers, and removal of abdominal organs. After surgery has been performed, surgeons also have the responsibility of continuing to provide care for them until they recover completely. Part of post-operative care includes pain management and examining of incisions.

The qualification to becoming or working as a surgeon in any capacity is neither an easy job nor a quick one. In general, a person requires 12 years of education beyond secondary school level and training so as to be licensed. Once a person has an undergraduate degree they must go ahead and attend a medical school for a medical degree. After which years of residency must be completed prior to getting licensed to practice.

A minimum of five years of residency are needed for general surgeons. The residency programs one goes into must be accredited. A total of 750 hours of operative procedures are required during residency. Additionally, it is also mandatory for one to complete at least 25 cases of surgical critical care. Residency entails many aspects such as vascular surgery, solid organ transport, and abdomen endocrine system.

One also gains training in trauma, critical care surgery, pediatric surgery, and emergency surgery. After all academic requirements have been met, one can apply for board certification. One must also be licensed in the state they intend to practice. Licensure requirements vary by state.

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