What Lice Treatment Services Do

By Diane Lee

Based on research, about 6 to 12 million kids in the States alone get infected by lice in their heads. What frustrates parent more is to have a child crying continuously because an infestation of little bugs is in the hair. Research further indicates that these insects do not harm the health of the person they infest. However, they cause discomfort when in the hair. Here are some facts regarding Lice Treatment Services.

Once they infest the head, they attach themselves to the hair shafts where they lay tiny eggs. The eggs are referred to as nits. For a removal method to be effective, it needs to be able to kill the adult insects as well as the eggs that they lay. According to experts, the best way to go around this problem is to employ multiple approaches together.

Currently, lice have developed a resistance to many of treatment methods available. This is the purpose why multiple methods need to be used together. Over-the-counter medications that individuals apply today never work as insects have shown resistance to a significant level. Prescription insecticides are also poisonous to people and this has been proven. It is essential to know the approaches to be applied when a person employs a treatment service.

Some people believe in the use of natural remedies in treating an infestation. Whereas reports indicating that these treatments work have been made, it is still hard to prove the level of efficiency associated with them. Also, natural remedies are not as researched as commercial treatments. In short, the body of information regarding natural treatments is not sufficient to prove that they are efficient. However, one can try them and find out if they work.

Among the methods known to function is combing. However, it must be applied along with other approaches. This approach requires one to comb the hair section by section while removing the adults insects and nits. There exist numerous kinds of combs that are good and modeled for this particular work. The infestation can be reduced if this method is applied daily.

Unfortunately, elimination of the entire infestation using this technique alone is quite hard. As such, other techniques including application of olive oil is required. This type of oil blocks the airways used by the insect for breathing hence suffocating them out. The olive oil is supposed to be applied at bed time and the head covered using a hair cap. This is necessary because lice have been known to survive even after going through several hours of not breathing.

Nits are best killed with hot air. However, the efficiency of this method is poor when it comes to killing adult insects. A dryer needs to be applied in blowing the hair repetitively to attain efficiency. About 89 percent of nits can be removed if the procedure is performed well.

After an infestation has been cleared, there is no guarantee that it cannot return. Thus, one needs to be careful with how they maintain their personal hygiene. One should also avoid sharing clothing items and other personal items such as combs.

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