Using Glycolic Exfoliating Cleanser Helps Adult Acne

By Joyce Nelson

When it comes to skin maintenance, no one rule works for everyone. This is found to be true for the troublesome teen years as well as advancing deep into adulthood. Many factors, such as diet and environment can play a strong role in the texture of skin, as well as its likelihood of breaking out. More people are finding that changing certain habits, like drinking more water or using a glycolic exfoliating cleanser can reverse some common issues.

Some people think that exfoliating is all about a feeling, like coarse materials grinding against the skin. While some of these methods are good, caution should be exercised when it comes to problem skin. Synthetic products, like loofah products made from manufactured materials, are a good example and not recommended for everyday use. The same applies to some scrubs made for sloughing other parts of the body, like the legs or arms, where the skin is actually thicker.

In some cases, coarse granules or pads made from synthetic materials can make things worse. Although these may feel good or like a difference is being made, starting off gentle is the best measure. Some of these products that tend to do a little extra are best for occasional use, or as directed by a skin care professional.

Glycolic acid, on the other hand, does not have a dense texture but some users advise going with the lowest strength possible when starting out. One reason is to test its effectiveness, as some users may have a skin reaction, like any other product. The other reason is to balance skin pH after each application.

While most products may contain between 20-30% of actual glycolic acid, having a mild soap and baking soda nearby for each peeling session is important. Users with dry or sensitive skin will want to add a moisturizer to their routine. For those who may not care to do this more than a few times a week, a cleanser is ideal for daily use, as repeated applications usually make a difference.

Using cleanser may also be recommended for those who have had problems using peels. While very effective, sometimes having an esthetician apply these is best since the skin has to be neutralized afterward. They can also determine the best strength needed so that skin will not burn or result in more hyperpigmentation.

A common problem among those with darker skin, most find the use of this product, along with a basic moisturizer, to be the most effective way to eliminate old acne scars. Cleansers and peels can help those with recent acne breakouts and wrinkles, but starting off gentle is recommended. However, if an inexpensive product appears to have a lot of fillers or alcohol added, those with sensitive skin may want to search for something with fewer ingredients.

One thing that experts recommend is protecting treated skin from sun exposure. Most people think of someone who lays around leisurely when they think of a sunbather but in this instance, anyone who is exposed can experience skin damage. Sunblock is recommended for anyone with sensitive skin or expects to be outside within hours of receiving a treatment, even if it looks cloudy. Even being in the sun for a short time can make hyperpigmentation worse.

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