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By Mark Martin

People lose teeth in various ways. In most cases, loss of teeth is a tragedy that can make life much harder than it usually is. Chewing becomes a big problem when one loses a few of their teeth in the mouth. The smile appearance is also impaired greatly, making it uncomfortable to laugh at times. It is for this reason that dental implants were invented. They are meant to solve the problems that lack of teeth present because they act as substitutes. When in need of Dental Implants Austin TX should be visited.

Medical grade titanium is used in the construction of these products. This particular metal is very strong, enabling the implant to chew food without breaking or causing one discomfort. The metal supports bone formation. Each of the components has three main parts these are, dental prosthesis, abutment and fixture.

The lower end of the implant is the fixture which is drilled into the jawbone to be rooted into it. Therefore, below the gum line is where it lies. So as to hold the fixture into position, the fixture must be strong. An artificial root is another name for fixture because of the role it serves.

The second part is the abutment. This is the part that comes after the fixture and it lies above the gum line. This is the part that offers the base upon which all dental work is supported and fixed. Some of the items that are fixed onto the abutment include dentures, bridges, and crowns. Finally is the dental prosthesis, which is the name used to refer to the dental work that is supported by the abutment.

A dentist first determines the existence of a dental problem in need of fixing before performing a dental installation as a treatment option. One of the options considered by people for treatment is implant installation even though many other options are available. Nonetheless, prior to installing these devices, the dentist determines the suitability of the patient. A number of tests are done by the dentist to determine the suitability of the patient to have the devices installed.

There exist three major aspects that are looked at to determine if a patient is the right candidate to have these devices installed in mouth. Jawbone quality and quantity, health condition, and habits form the three aspects considered. The type of medication the patient is undergoing presently, age, and medical conditions are aspects considered under health by the dentist. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, and tooth grinding are things based upon under habits of the patient.

The patient must be in good physical health for them to be suitable for installation of an implant. Habits such as smoking and grinding of teeth are discouraged. The patient will have to stop these habits once the implant has been installed. Lastly, the patient must have adequate amount of high-quality jawbone.

For the most part, the results of a dental implant installation procedure are successful. In some cases, 95 percent and above success rate has been reported. Such success rates are an inspiration to more folks with the need to have these devices installed in their mouths. The whole procedure is pocket friendly and comes to completion in just a few hours.

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