Racial Reconciliation With Nurses, Why You Must Care

By Melissa Moore

English. If you know how to speak it like the natives do, you can consider yourself as a kind and admirable person. You could save lives. You can basically do anything. You could revive a life. As long as you are a native white, you can be smart and knowledgeable. If these are what it means to be human, this world is doomed. Whenever you have the time, attend those seminars that highly tackle about racial discrimination. Attending to those discussions related to the racial reconciliation with nurses might be pretty ideal.

Even so, there is no point in agreeing to what they have said. The current system has a flow. There are still lots black and Hispanic individuals who are openly discriminated. As a citizen of this country, do not just stand there and let the problem slide. If you keep on doing that, racists would never disappear.

However, you cannot just think about your own emotions. Racist people should stop enjoying the name created by their ancestors. You know how dirty the history can be. Do not be part of it. You cannot blame others for the terrible past committed by their ancestors. For sure, many of you are aware of that.

For a problem to stop, you need to take a drastic action. This problem has existed for centuries. You know that too. Watching alone would no longer do the victims any good. You should act. Everyone must act. As a human with emotions and hearts, you are surely aware of what is true and what is not. Even animals know the right time to stop.

They would feel hopeless. Tons of individuals feel that way, particularly, the white. Well, not everybody. Once you knew them better, you would surely love even the most racist person on Earth. Every person has their own cons and quirks. Everyone has their own light and darkness. Sadly, afraid to embrace equality, a lot of them ignore their dark sides.

To survive in this world, the rule is simple. Every person should have the courage and the skills to connect and negotiate with other people. He should have the brain. He must have the talent. He needs to have the right attitude to run a business. You see, being a white alone would never promise you a good future.

Inspired by your words, that others would certainly influence other people. When it comes to professionalism, you could never differentiate someone based on their skin color or educational backgrounds. Doing that is quite low. Before they were accepted for the job, every person was required to pass the difficult interviews and practical exams.

Truly, there are people who are not good at writing or saying the words. They are not born with linguistic talents. However, once you check their other strengths and talents, you would be mesmerized by their works. Some people are good at singing. Others are good at planting.

Stop it. Only the low of the lowest is capable of acting that way. As an educated person, make sure to ignore that mindset. Certainly, there are times when you cannot stop yourself from scolding someone. However, there are proper ways of doing that. If you resolve the issue by hitting them under the belt, you will only put yourself at a great disadvantage. That is not how the educated people solve problems. It is inappropriate.

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