Plan A Fun Summer Traveling With Other Assisted Living Putnam County Fl Friends

By Anna Turner

As the summer months approach, you might have plans to take a trip out of the assisted living Putnam County FL community to visit family or friends. You might even be planning a sight-seeing vacation. Many seniors prefer traveling during warmer months to avoid exposure to colder temperatures and winter illnesses. So, when the opportunity presents itself, you pack up and hit the road. However, there are few tasks that need to be done to make sure you have a fun, relaxed and safe trip.

Plan your trip at a time everyone will be able to go. Check with everyone to see what their schedule looks like and book the vacation at a time that is convenient for all. You might want to put a person on different parts of a planning committee to ensure the trip goes smoothly.

Call your physician and schedule an appointment before your trip. You will need a physical exam to ensure you are in good traveling condition. If you plan to fly out the country or take a cruise, there might be certain vaccination you will need. Ask your health provider about supplying you with enough medication while traveling.

Ask a caregiver to help you with your packing. If you are unable to move heavy suitcases or do a lot of reaching. Someone should help you do these chores to keep an accident from occurring. Ask your caregiver to also run quick errands such as taking and picking up clothes from dry cleaners. They can also pick up medications and help with packing.

Do not take many clothing items on your trip. The less baggage the less you will have to worry about picking up and carrying. You can wash clothes while you are away. It is usually best to only carry one piece of luggage, but if you have to carry two, try to keep them small. There are small totes that are made to attach to larger size suitcases.

Your caregiver can help make calls to get traveling accommodations needed for you. If there is a need for a wheelchair, pre-boarding, or special dietary needs, these arrangements should be made well-in-advance to ensure the availability to you. If traveling alone, you might want to arrange that someone will be available to assist you from arrival to boarding time.

Be sure to check for senior discounts for traveling and stay accommodations. Request an aisle seat if taking a long flight, it will make frequent trips to the bathroom a lot easier. Stay hydrated, keep sipping on water throughout your trip. Move around constantly while traveling by plane to prevent developing blood clots in the legs.

Enjoy yourself on the trip. You deserve to have a good time with your friends. Be sure to let friends and other family members know where you will be in case of an emergency. You can leave your schedule with them so they will know how to get in contact with you at all times.

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