How To Determine Collectible Perfume Bottles

By Amy Bailey

Individuals uses perfume so that they will smell good at all times. Some even invest in very expensive ones just to be contented with the smell. When choosing which to buy, the scent is not only your basis but the overall look as well. You might have heard of collectible perfume bottles before and individuals that are collecting.

Over the years, you can see pretty well see how these keeps on changing starting by the look of the packaging. To all the ladies, sometimes you find a bottle that you find too cute that you want to keep it even though there are no more perfumes inside. You felt like throwing the bottles away is a waste.

Another way of collecting is by buying different brands of perfume. Then you will be using it either randomly or one at a time. When the liquid is down to below half of it, you cannot use it anymore and will now be adding it to the collection. This is a great idea to be able to use the item at the same time.

You see, these bottles whether vintage or antique comes in various shapes, designs, and sizes. But despite the many options available, there are still those who are more desirable than the others. Of course, that depends on how uniquely it was made. Fun fact, they were not intended to be put in a powder room but was meant to be worn like a necklace.

Time for a brief of history. Such thing was not truly intended to be put on a powdered room. Creators specially designed it to become a necklace. Their reason is simple, for the convenience of the ladies. This way, when you want to use it you can easily use due to the easy access. But of course, during the years it changed.

Manufacturer. Admit, we racially discriminate manufacturers at times. When you see that one is not from a famous manufacturer you would then labeled it as a cheap one. You cannot be blame though as expensive ones also prove itself why they are labeled great and fancy and of course why it is worth your money.

Style. This still incorporate to the first factor. Different manufacturer means different style. The intricate the design is the higher the value will be. You can see the history in front of your eyes just by looking to the design. When you are lucky you might find a perfume that was crafted during the Egyptian era were this was covered in gold in silver.

In addition, you might be trying to get new idea on how you can display your perfumes. Well, that depends on which part of your house would you like it to be. If you are planning on your getting ready area. One recommendation is by putting it into a tray. The color of the tray would depend on the colors you have and what you wanted.

In addition, how great your collection would look like will depend on how you arranged it. Since, these are mostly put in the powder room for an easier access it would be best to put in on a tray. A tray with a color that would match your collection. Surely, your friends who will be coming over will be interested on it.

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