How Surgery In Bariatric Of Alabama Can Be Life Altering

By Mark Gray

Overweight people are much more at risk to contract serious and life threatening medical conditions than those that are fit. Yet more and more people become overweight and obesity is becoming a world wide major health problem. They easily develop heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer. In addition, the often struggle to enjoy life because movement is difficult. Surgery in bariatric of Alabama may be the answer for some of these patients.

Not every obese person will be accepted as a patient by surgeons performing this operation. Surgeons are extremely strict in evaluating their patients because the procedure involves a rather serious intervention. They are required to make drastic life style changes and they have to prove that they can stick to those changes. That is why surgery is normally scheduled for several months in the future.

Surgeons will not tolerate patients that is of the opinion that this surgery is a fast and easy way to lose weight. They will only perform the operation if the patient is highly motivated and determined to lead an entirely new kind of life. Many patients find it difficult to change the way they think and act. Seeing a therapist or a psychologist can help to build up determination and develop definite goals.

There are some factors that automatically exclude potential patients from this surgery. No surgeon will operate on a smoker. Smoking can easily lead to blood clots after and even during the lengthy procedure. This can become very serious. Patients need to stop smoking at least four months prior to even consulting a surgeon. Alcohol, even in moderate quantities, can also pose a risk for the development of complications.

The first permanent change that patients must make is to their diets. They have to eat three balanced meals each day and each meal must contain some protein and food that is rich in omega acids. Caffeine and sugar must be avoided and no liquids may be consumed during meals. Patients normally have to lose a substantial amount of weight before the operation can take place.

Another major requirement is that potential patients must start exercising regularly. At first, they are encouraged to take up exercise regimes that focus on low impact activities, such as walking, swimming or even cycling. Yoga is also highly recommended because it helps the patient to become disciplined, flexible and focused. Exercise causes the release of serotonin which makes the patient feel good and this also plays an important role in establishing a healthy life style.

Patients need to be prepared for a weeks of recuperation. During this period they may suffer from severe discomfort. Large areas of their bodies will be heavily bruised and they may struggle to bend or even to walk around freely. However, these side effects will clear up within a week or three. During the initial two weeks patients will also be prohibited from consuming solid food.

Opting for surgery to deal with a serious weight problem is not for everyone. The patient needs to be highly motivated and must also be determined to make permanent changes to their life styles. Those who succeed, however, normally enjoy life much more than when their weight prohibited them from participating in many activities.

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