Facts About Laser Skin Wrinkle Treatment Atlanta GA Residents May Find Interesting

By Arthur Williams

There is no doubt that many of us, if not all, would love to have perfect skin. Unfortunately, this does not happen for everyone because of certain factors such as old age, hormone differences, diet and stress. Skin problems are a major cause of low self-esteem. There now is hope for persons that wish to look better, thanks to the advent of laser treatment. There are several facts regarding laser skin wrinkle treatment Atlanta GA clients may find worth knowing.

The procedure entails using unique beams of light directed at the flawed skin with the ultimate intention of straightening out the problematic area. Healing after the operation usually takes two weeks but it could be more if there are pre-existing factors such as smoking, drug use and infection. For effective results, the client needs to give up smoking and any preexisting infection needs to be treated first.

A detailed history will be obtained from the patient before the therapy is undertaken. Information about any drugs that have been used in the recent past should be revealed. This is because some drugs are known to interfere with the success of the procedure. For example, a patient on anticoagulants is more likely to have excess bleeding during the operation if their dose is not adjusted appropriately.

The procedure can be done under general or local anesthesia depending on how much skin is exposed to laser and how strong the laser is. In other instances, the individual may require only sedation. After treatment, the area is bandaged and cleaning is done about four times every day. To prevent formation of bumps, petroleum jelly or any other suitable ointment is applied.

The choice of anesthesia is dependent upon how mild or severe the wrinkled area is. This could be either local or general anesthesia. In minor instances, only a sedative is given. When the session is done, the wound is dressed carefully in clean wrap. It is closely monitored with cleaning being done about three times in a day. Special ointment is used to prevent bumpy areas from forming.

People with extremely dark tones are not suitable candidates for treatment because they end up absorbing more of the rays than is needed. This is attributed to the fact that they have a very high concentration of melanin. Ultimately, the cells become altered and the skin gets permanently discolored.

Good results are determined by how good the techniques used are and also whether or not the client has any underlying skin conditions. A good outcome means that the wrinkles eventually fade away and the individual is pleased with their new look. The good thing about laser is that it also clears other unwanted appearances including acne and areas of excessive pigmentation.

The face, neck and hands are usually the first areas to be markedly affected with wrinkles due to old age. The light beam focuses on these areas to make sure that the client gets satisfactory results. The intensity can be varied depending on how much wrinkling has occurred.

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