Cosmetic Dentist Woodbridge VA Provides Stunning Results

By Frank Nelson

Perhaps one of the more noticeable features a person possesses - and one of their most valuable assets - is a great smile. This can play a huge part in creating a wonderful first impression, although many people are not confident enough with their smile to use it to its maximum advantage in both personal and professional matters. A cosmetic dentist Woodbridge VA has the means to assist one in boosting their self-esteem by obtaining the quality smile they dream of.

These procedures are beneficial for both personal and professional purposes, as they help a person feel better about themselves, which helps others feel comfortable around that person. They are not meant to correct issues that impact one's health, rather just simply amend what one might perceive as aesthetic imperfections. It helps to think of a smile as that one accessory that puts an entire outfit together and just makes it phenomenal.

One of the most popular procedures performed in this type of dentistry is tooth whitening because everyone wants the most brilliant smile possible. This is a process through which even the most stubborn stains on the enamel can be removed to create a brighter, more vivid smile. An in office procedure provides faster and more prominent results than an over the counter method, it takes as little as thirty minutes, is more convenient, and is actually quite affordable.

Ceramic crowns are another possible option that could help an individual get the perfect smile they desire. They are custom molded pieces that fit over an existing tooth to create a flawless and more aesthetically pleasing appearance. They are generally used to improve the look of individually damaged or irregularly shaped teeth.

Sometimes the discoloration on teeth emanates from deep inside, in which case whitening might not be the proper solution for that situation. Under such circumstances, a more appropriate approach could be porcelain veneers. These pieces are molded to the individuals natural jawline so that they are a perfect fit, then bonded onto the existing teeth in a quick and painless process.

Minor imperfections like points, slants, chips, and irregular shapes, can be rectified using dental contouring. This is where portions of the enamel can be ground down in order to modify a tooth's shape, length, or surface. Making even small changes could potentially have a large impact on the appearance of one's small.

Bonding is often used in order to correct imperfections such as cracks and chips on a tooth. A dental resin is used to fill in parts of the infected tooth and then hardened under a special light source. After it has been fully set, the material is able to be properly molded into the desired shape, sanded to a smooth finish, and polished for optimum shine.

The reasons why a person may choose to undergo these types of procedures are as varied as the individuals who get them. Generally speaking, they are primarily used to improve aesthetics, help one make a lasting impression, as well as to build self-esteem and confidence. Most of the available methods are able to be done quickly and without pain.

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